Doxy Number 3 Maailman Voimakkain Wand Vibraattori

Doxy Number 3, the world’s most powerful wand now in a smarter size!

All the features of the original Doxy in a more convenient size and absolutely stunning colors! The Doxy engine is the most powerful in the world and its vibration takes you into a world of stunning orgasms, relaxation and relieving muscle tension.

The Doxy fits perfectly into any area of the body, and with incredibly easy adjustments, you get the right intensity every time.

Made in England with pride and close supervision, the Doxy is a perfection-creating creation that lasts in use. When you choose Doxy, you can be sure that you will get value for your money as well as your pleasures.

Doxy’s tip is wonderfully soft, it glides on the skin effortlessly, and under the soft shell, a powerful motor is revealed, the vibrations of which feel through your body just as strong as you want!

Product information:

Length 28cm
Tip length 4.6cm
Tip thickness 4.5 cm
The most powerful engine in the world
Versatile and easy to use adjustments
Can be used on any part of the body
Made in England – top quality!
Flexible tip
Power cord 3 meters
Discreet design
Hypoallergenic and safe materials

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